Gilbert Arenas Thinks Vince Carter Could’ve Been In GOAT Discussions Had He Adopted Kobe Bryant’s Mentality

Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images


Vince Carter was a top player in his era. A gifted highflying guard, Carter was able to get buckets in variety of ways, including driving to the hoop, finishing over big men and making three-pointers. He stood out as an All-Star and remained a good role player in the latter part of his career.

Vince Carter’s NBA journey lasted 22 seasons, highlighting his insane longevity. During that period, he won the Rookie of the Year, got picked as an All-Star eight times, was chosen for the All-NBA team twice, and scored more than 25,000 points in his career.

While Vince Carter’s talent was clear, former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas feels he had potential to achieve further. On the “Gil’s Arena” podcast, Arenas suggested could’ve been in GOAT discussions had he adopted Kobe Bryant’s mentality.


“I’m so mad at Vince for what he did to the game. The GOAT debate should have been him. He was more naturally gifted than anything you’ve ever seen. He had everything—dribble, shoot, fade, moves, iso. He had everything,” Arenas said. “If he had the mindset of Kobe [Bryant] like ‘I’m better than everyone,’ there was no one that was stopping that man.”


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