Gilbert Arenas Says James Harden Is The Dennis Rodman Of This Era


Throughout his NBA journey, both fans and pundits have associated James Harden with multiple NBA stars. The latest person to chime in with a fresh comparison is former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas.

Notably, it’s not only Harden’s on-court abilities that capture attention but also his life outside of basketball. This reminds people of past NBA players like former Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman, who was known for both his game and his actions outside the court.

Arenas highlighted this, suggesting that Harden, being the elite offensive player that he is, knows how to work hard on the court and equally enjoys being a party animal off of it, much like Rodman did back in the day. 


“In the sense of styles,” Arenas said. “He is considered in my mind the Dennis Rodman of this era. You’re going to work hard when you are in that gym, you’re gonna put your work in. Off the court, you’re a party animal. So there’s two extremes of you. Only Dennis Rodman was like that.”


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