Gilbert Arenas Hilariously Mistakes Austin Rivers For Andrew Tate


Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas made a hilarious mistake on his podcast recently when he mistook Austin Rivers for controversial social media personality Andrew Tate.

The incident occurred during a discussion about Rivers’ recent comments on Damian Lillard’s trade request. One of Arenas’ co-hosts mentioned that Rivers had been filming his podcast from jail, which led Arenas to believe that he was talking about Tate.


“I thought he was in jail,” Arenas said. “Oh, I thought that was Andrew Tate.”


Tate is a British-American businessman and former kickboxer who has been in the news lately for his controversial views on women and other topics. He is currently being held in Romania on charges of rape and human trafficking.

Rivers, on the other hand, is a professional basketball player who is currently a free agent. He has never been in jail.

Arenas’ mistake was quickly pointed out by his co-hosts, but he didn’t seem too bothered by it. He just laughed it off and said that he must have been thinking about Tate when he heard Rivers’ name.

The incident has since gone viral, and it has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have found it to be hilarious, while others have criticized Arenas for being careless.


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