Gary Payton Encourages Damian Lillard To Chase A Championship With The Miami Heat: “Whole Object Of Playing Basketball”

Photo: Len Werle/OpenCourt-Basketball


Moving away from past seasons filled with speculation, Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard has taken initiative and has formally requested a trade this year, hoping to find himself in a place with better championship opportunities.

Long known for his loyalty, Lillard has consistently expressed his desire to secure a championship for his team. However, the Trail Blazers’ inability to assemble a championship-caliber roster has made Lillard’s goal more challenging to achieve.

In light of this, Lillard is now aligning himself with his championship ambitions by asking for a trade to the Miami Heat, a team fresh off the NBA Finals. A trade is expected soon as both teams are working out a deal that suits each of them.

Naturally, Lillard’s decision to request a trade to a championship contender has not been without its detractors. But while some question his decision, former Heat point guard Gary Payton holds a different opinion. He backs Lillard’s pursuit of a championship with the Heat, saying that it’s the main point of playing basketball.

Per Sun Sentinel:


“Everybody should chase a championship. Why are we playing basketball? That is the whole object of playing basketball. If you want to go somewhere else if you’ve got a chance to win a championship, go there. And that’s what I saw when I came to Miami. So I came here, look what happened.”


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