Former NBA Teammate Shares Difference Between LeBron James And Kobe Bryant


LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are two basketball legends whose careers have become intertwined with each other. To this date, the comparison between LeBron and Kobe still exists and it’s something that may not reach a conclusion soon.

While LeBron and Kobe are often compared to each other, it’s no secret that the two basketball icons are different players that are great in their own ways. Former NBA player Coby Karl, son of former NBA coach George Karl, was one of those players who can attest to this. 

Karl had a short stint in the NBA, but he was fortunate to play with Kobe in 2008 and LeBron in 2010. Sitting down with Basketball Network, Karl had the chance to share the difference between the two basketball legends.


“It was just a very different time in their careers. But when I played with LeBron, I’d never seen anyone affect the game in so many different ways.”

“He could physically dominate on the defensive end, block a shot, get the rebound, going down in transition, and then dunk on you. Whereas Kobe did it in more of a mental, psychological way.”


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