Steve Nash Believes James Harden Is Unfairly Treated By The New NBA Rule

Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Steve Nash Believes James Harden Is Unfairly Treated By The New NBA Rule


The NBA has started to implement a rule that limits non-basketball moves or awkward shooting motions that are used to draw a contact and manipulate officials into calling a defensive foul. Since the start of the season, this rule has been affecting a number of foul merchants in the NBA today.

Among those affected, James Harden is the player that stands out the most. The Brooklyn Nets superstar is known for his foul-baiting antics and has honed this technique over the past couple of years. This has worked well with Harden as it’s one reason why he was able to lead the NBA in free throw attempts seven times and free throws made six times. 

With the new rule in effect, Harden has been seeing less rewards, attempting only nine free throws over his past three games. After their recent game on Sunday, Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash voiced out his frustration and called the 32-year old superstar as the poster boy of the new NBA rule.

Per CBS Sports:


“I feel like he’s unfairly become the poster boy of not calling these fouls,” Nash said. “Some of them could definitely be fouls still but they’re so alert and aware and he’s the poster child of these new decisions. I get it, there’s a line, but some of them are still fouls. He’s just gotta stick with it. He’s gotta keep going to the basket and do what he does because a large portion of them are still fouls.”


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