Former NBA Player Trevor Booker Is On His Way To Become A Trillionaire


In 2020, after eight seasons in the NBA, with the Wizards, Jazz, Nets, Sixers and Pacers, and an international stint in China, Trevor Booker called it a career and hung up his kicks. 

While Booker has made over $34 million throughout his career, which is enough money for various lives, this amount might only be ‘peanuts’ to him.

Not too many fans know that Booker, while playing in the NBA, has built a business empire together with his college roommate, Jonah Baize. They own more than 12 companies, have a shared interest in a half-dozen more, a group of six private schools (Combine Academy), they own over 200 doors of real estate (residential and commercial) in multiple states, a stake of the DC United Soccer team, and started investing in start-ups.

In previous interviews, Booker stated that his plan was to become a billionaire, but during an interview with OpenCourt-Basketball’s Len Werle, he revealed that he doesn’t plan on becoming one any longer, one up’d himself and said that his goal now, is to become a trillionaire:


Len Werle: “You said in an interview that you’re planning to become a billionaire…”

Trevor Booker: “Well, my original goal was to become a billionaire, but I’ve been thinking about it lately… I think I want to go for a trillion! I think it’s realistic, especially with the times that we’re living in – salaries are going to keep going up, inflation, technology, there’s a lot of money in tech – I think it’s a realistic goal…”


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