Former Mavs Big Man Chris Anstey Had An Insane Plan To Get A Picture With Michael Jordan In His First Game Against Him


Every NBA Player of the 80s and 90s has his special Michael Jordan story, and while many have been told already, there’s always some new ones coming to surface.

Just like former Dallas Maverick, Chris Anstey’s.

Anstey, an Australian 7-footer, was the 18th overall selection of the 1997 NBA Draft by the Portland Trail Blazers. His draft rights though, were traded to the Dallas Mavericks, where he played two of his three NBA seasons.

During an appearance on The Brad & Boti Basketball Podcast, Anstey talked about his first game against Michael Jordan, and how all he could think about was how he could get a photo with the Bulls legend.

Since this was long before the social media era, and smartphones, it wasn’t as easy to get a photo, which lead to Anstey creating a hilarious plan at halftime. He wanted to foul Jordan so hard, that he was going to fight back, which would definitely had been captured by photographer.


“Honestly, that was one of my career highlights. As far as I knew, it was going to be the only chance I was ever going to get to sit on the side basketball court as him.

So I’ll never forget sitting in that locker and thinking, this was before social media, ‘How am I going to get into a photo with Michael Jordan’?

And all I’d come up with at halftime was I’m going to foul this guy’s so hard. He’s going to have to fight back and someone’s going to have to take a photo. And so the photo I’m going to have hanging on my wall, bringing Michael Jordan gonna be with us in a fight.”


Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the opportunity didn’t come for Anstey to foul Jordan, but at least he got to walk away with the W.

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