Finally Some Good News Regarding Rui Hachimura

Photo by Ashley Landis – Pool/Getty Images

Finally Some Good News Regarding Rui Hachimura


When the Washington Wizards decided to select Rui Hachimura with their 9th pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, Hachimura became the first Japanese player ever taken in the first round.

Ever since, Rui has become a global ambassador of the game. This status has obviously led to him becoming a bigger celebritiy than most young players. Pair this with two season basically without any time off and you might have an explanation why things simply got too much for Hachimura.

During training camp, Rui was on a team approved absence for personal reasons – he reportedly wanted to focus on his mental health, but then, he was nowhere to be found.

That is until yesterday, when Hachimura worked out, marking the first time teammates had seen him in the gym this season. Glad that he’s better and back.


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