Even The Bulls Commentators Were In Disbelief Over Spurs’ Inability To Involve Victory Wembanyama


Future Most Valuable Player, future Defensive Player of the Year—these are just some of the early impressions of Victor Wembanyama.

Even though all that glitters isn’t gold yet, Wembanyama has somewhat validated the hype and is putting everyone on notice. So far this season, he has been able to average 18.5 points, 10.7 rebounds and 3.0 blocks per game.

What sets the 19-year-old rookie apart is his versatility for someone who stands at 7-foot-4. He is more than just tall. He can handle the ball well, shoot from deep, move like a guard, and cover a lot of ground with ease. This rare combination of skills and frame is why he’s viewed as a generational talent and a future all-time great.

Wembanyama however, could already be so much better… if it wasn’t for his teammates. Not only do the Spurs seem to be failing to bring any structure into their game, they also fail to correctly play the French phenom. Additionally, the other players on the roster fail to pass the ball to Wemby time and time again.

During the Spurs’ loss to the Chicago Bulls, this has now even led to the Bulls commentators being in disbelief over the Spurs’ inability to get the ball to Wembanyama.


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