The “Guarantee” Button Returns And Charles Barkley Is Pranked Again


Charles Barkley’s iconic “Guarantee” button has made a triumphant comeback on TNT’s Inside the NBA. Fans of the show will remember that the button, which allows Charles Barkley to make bold predictions. And guess what: It’s back, and it’s better than ever.

Some time ago, the “Guarantee” button vanished without a trace. Charles Barkley, known for his fearless predictions and colorful commentary, was left buttonless. Fans speculated about its whereabouts – did it go on vacation? Was it stuck in traffic? Or did it simply decide to retire after years of service?

Now, during a recent episode of Inside the NBA, the moment arrived. As Chuck made his NBA playoff prediction, he was able to press his “Guarantee” button again. But with that, he was pranked once again, and a massive downpour of ping-pong balls was released onto his head as a joke, with Shaq making NSFW jokes.. 


“I hate ya’ll man. Ya’ll got some balls in my Diet Coke.” Brakley said. In response, Shaq replied, “You know you like balls on your head.”


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