Evan Turner, The Real MVP (Michael Jordan 2.0)


Evan Turner, The Real MVP (Michael Jordan 2.0)

Evan Turner’s response when asked about his key pass to Jae Crowder in Boston’s comeback win was just awesome…


“I had confidence [Crowder] was going to make it. Before I had told Crowder, even though hed missed a couple of shots, I said, Youve got some big shots in you. He was like, I know. When I was dribbling, I was like, ‘Oh snap, Im at 15 feet, Im about to end this.’ And then I thought about [Michael Jordan] passing to Steve Kerr. And I thought, ‘Well, let me add that Gongfu Tea Cup my legacy. Ill pass one time.’ And that was it. It was unbelievable actually. Ingenious by me.”


See for yourself:


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