4 Predictions for the 2022 NBA Finals

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

4 Predictions for the 2022 NBA Finals


With less than one and a half months to go in the regular season, the predictions for the 2022 NBA finals have started to surface. This season, like all others, has been full of surprises. Many teams that were deemed to win it all this year are struggling to make it to the finals. There have been some pleasant surprises, with the Grizzlies and Bulls rising high above all expectations and surprising everyone. 

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Here are some predictions for the NBA finals.

  1. A Warriors vs. Nets Final

One thing that many NBA fans have been waiting to see is a Warriors-Nets finals series. The Warriors currently rank second in the West, and they are not even back to full strength yet. With Klay Thompson back and James Wiseman set to make his comeback in a few weeks’ time (hopefully), the Golden State Warriors look like serious contenders in the West. Even though the West is fully stacked this year, with the Phoenix Suns performing like they did last year and the Grizzlies and Jazz also playing like they mean business, it won’t be easy for Kerr’s men to win the West. Nevertheless, with the championship pedigree that the Warriors possess and their big three back on the court together, they cannot be counted out.

On the other hand, the Nets have seen a dip in their form ever since KD got injured. However, having added Ben Simmons to the team along with Seth Curry, it seems they might have found their missing piece. Moreover, it is looking ever more likely that Kyrie Irving will be able to play home games by the time the playoffs come. All these factors combined make the Brooklyn Nets a serious contender to make it out of the East.

  1. 76ers to make it out of the East?

Having added James Harden to their already formidable roster, the Philadelphia 76ers look like serious championship contenders. The pick and roll combo of Harden and Embiid already has the whole league sweating; by the time the playoffs come, they would’ve developed even more chemistry. The East is not easy to get out of, but with two of the best players in the league together in one team, everything is possible.

  1. The Bucks running it back?

Giannis Antetekumpo is one of the top three players in the league, and the Bucks on their day are the best team in the world. The loss of PJ Tucker means they do not possess the defensive ability that they used to; nonetheless, they are still one of the best defensive teams in the league and the only team in the East that possesses the ability to stop the Nets and 76ers. It remains to be seen how they will stack up against the top teams in the East, given that last year they were literally saved by an inch on that shot by Kevin Durant. 

  1. The Underdogs

The Chicago Bulls have surprised everyone with the way they are performing this year. They are the latest superteam in the NBA and it won’t be wrong to term the best team in the league based on the talent they possess. The ability of Derozan combined with the talents of Lavine, Lonzo Ball, and Vucevic make the Chicago Bulls a major contender in the East. Nevertheless, the team lacks playoff experience, and it remains to be seen how they perform when it matters the most.

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