Enes Freedom Sounds Off On NBA: “They Are Trying To Retire Me At 29.”

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Enes Freedom Sounds Off On NBA: “They Are Trying To Retire Me At 29.”


Enes Freedom has remained unsigned since the Houston Rockets waived him shortly after acquiring him through a trade with the Boston Celtics. He last saw the floor with the Celtics this season where he played 35 games and averaged 3.7 points, 4.6 rebounds and 0.4 blocks on 52.6% shooting.

Freedom’s value has always been predicated on being an offensive contributor and steady rebounder. But his scoring and rebounding have fluctuated this season while his defense leaves much to be desired, so that the 29-year old big man has become borderline unplayable at times. 

However, his declined production and poor defense may not be the only reasons why he hasn’t received any offer to play for a team since being waived. 

Speaking to a Greek media outlet Ethnikos Kirikas, Freedom suspected that his figure as a political activist and vocal critic of China has played a role to his unemployment, while stating that the NBA only stands by their side when it benefits them financially.


“I was in Portland last year, and I averaged a double-double, and we went to the playoffs,” Freedom said. “I was a starter. And they come and tell me after a year that I forgot how to play basketball?

“When I started talking about what’s happening in China, they stopped showing the Celtics on Chinese TV. This cost the NBA money. The NBA says that the league stands by our side when it comes to freedom of speech. I don’t believe it. They stand on our side as long what we say helps the league’s pockets, otherwise they’ll do whatever they can to finish you. I’m saying that because they are trying to retire me at 29. However, I know that I can play 6-7 years more because I love basketball, I’m healthy and I believe that people can see that I deserve to be in the NBA.”


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