Emo Jimmy Butler Rocks Out With Fall Out Boy In New Music Video

Fall Out Boy


Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is known for his basketball skills, but he also has a passion for music. The six-time All-Star recently made a cameo appearance in the latest music video by Fall Out Boy, one of his favorite bands.

The video, titled “So Much (For) Stardust”, features Butler and Fall Out Boy’s bassist Pete Wentz in matching purple outfits and cowboy hats, dancing and lip-syncing to the song. The video is part of the promotion for the band’s upcoming tour, So Much For (2our) Dust, which kicks off tonight.

Butler, who goes by the nickname “Heat Wentz” in the video, showed his “emo Jimmy” alter ego, which he first debuted during the Heat’s media day in October 2023. He sported a straightened hairdo, face piercings, and black nail polish, which drew comparisons to Wentz and other emo icons.



Butler has been a fan of Fall Out Boy since his college days at Marquette, where he discovered their music. He has since become friends with the band members, especially Wentz, who shares his love for country music.

Butler is not the first NBA player to collaborate with Fall Out Boy. In 2015, the band released a remix of their hit song “Irresistible” featuring Demi Lovato and Wiz Khalifa, which included a cameo by Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

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