Dwyane Wade Would Love To Face LeBron James In The Playoffs


Dwyane Wade Would Love To Face LeBron James In The Playoffs


At the start of this season, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James finally were teammtes again.

Everybody thought Wade would be a Miami Heat player for life—he helped bring three championships to the city and is considered the franchise’s greatest son.

Wade’s thoughts of departure in the summer of 2016 were unexpected, but the 35-year-old veteran had the right to be irritated with the Heat organization after contract negotiations were far apart. On July 6, 2016, Wade made a decision to return home to Chicago and become apart of the Chicago Bulls, leaving Pat Riley and stunned fans in awe.

At the time, Dwyane Wade’s reason for his exit was to return home like former Heat teammate and star forward LeBron James did with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It may be true, but in an interview on Adrian Wojnarowski’s The Vertical Podcast with Woj, Wade admitted Miami Heat owner Pat Riley’s decision to leave him hanging all summer on contract talks left the three-time champion fed up.

Wade’s time in Chicago was limited to only one year, due to the franchise deciding to re-build. This resulted in a buyout and move to the Cleveland Cavaliers where Wade again joined forces with his friend LeBron James. After only half a season, Wade was homesick and asked the Cavs to trade him back to Miami, which they did. But Dwyane was never really gone. His heart was always in Miami.

Wade and his good friend LeBron James, won two championships together and had some great postseason matches playing for the same side. But they never faced each other in a playoff series. In an interview with Complex, Wade now revealed that unlike most other players, he actually wants to face James in the playoffs:


“Yeah, that would be cool, that would actually be pretty cool. We’ve gotten close a few times, but either they lost or we lost or something like that. But we’d definitely have to put ourselves in a position—right now they’re in the third seed, we’re in the seventh or eighth or whatever—we’d definitely have to put ourselves in a position to end the season better than we’ve played of late, but as a competitor you know I would love it.”

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