Dwight Howard Addresses Allegations About Being Gay: “Where I Lay My Wood Is My Business”


Earlier this week, we reported about former NBA star Dwight Howard denying assaulting a man he met on Instagram, while claiming that all sexual interactions were consensual.

The allegations against Howard stem from a lawsuit filed in June 2023 by a man named Stephen Harper. Harper stated to have met Howard on Instagram in May 2021 and that the two exchanged sexually explicit messages before meeting in person later that month.

These allegations and Dwight’s statement of the sexual interactions being consensual, spread like a wildfire through the NBA landscape. Not least due to Howard publicly revealing hat he has non-heterosexual preferences. Howard has been rumored to be gay for several years, but has spoken about it, or confirmed his sexuality.

The former All-Star now addressed the allegations about his sexuality, and said that whatever he’s doing in his house, is his business, and not for everybody to know.


“Y’all can stop with the nonsense and worrying about all this bull crap. Y’all are worried about who people spend their time with. Whatever I’m doing in my bedroom is my damn business… That ain’t for everybody and everybody don’t need to know… I don’t gotta tell nobody where I’m putting my wood at… Y’all just weird.”



Howard’s reaction is totally understandable. Whatever goes on in his private life, is his private life and shouldn’t be public interest. No one knows the truth behind the allegations, yet, but either way it is an awful situation for Howard and everybody involved.

Either Dwight sexually assaulted someone and got publicly outed in a way that wasn’t on his terms, or he just got publicly outed in a way that wasn’t on his terms. 

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