Drew Carter’s Comments About Jordan Poole Getting Hit In The Face Were Too Hilarious


In the world of sports broadcasting, it’s not just the athletes who capture the audience’s attention; sometimes, it’s the voices behind the microphone that leave a lasting impression. Such was the case during a recent Boston Celtics game when broadcaster Drew Carter delivered a memorable quip that had fans chuckling.

The incident in question involved Jordan Poole, who found himself on the receiving end of a hit to the face by Jrue Holiday, to which Carter said following words:

“Let’s just say that’s not the worst shot Jordan Poole has taken to the face.”



Carter’s comments were directed to an incident from last year’s offseason, Draymond Green made headlines after the he got into a heated altercation with teammate Jordan Poole in practice which resulted in the Warriors veteran throwing a vicious fist that knocked Poole down.

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