LaVar Ball Believes That His Sons Will Be Billionaires Before LeBron James

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LaVar Ball Believes That His Sons Will Be Billionaires Before LeBron James


In these past couple of months, LaVar Ball has been unusually quite. But with LaVar being back in the States, it seems he’s also back to talking nonsense.

Basketball’s most famous father was in Florida this past week to watch his son LiAngelo work out for scouts, in his quest of getting drafted in this year’s NBA draft. Hoops Journey was there to film the workout, but also filmed a conversation between LaVar and one of the staffers. In this conversation, Ball states that his sons will be billionaires before LeBron James.

Transcript via FTW:

LaVar: “Do you know much LeBron is worth?”
Staffer: “Probably close to a billion dollars”.
LaVar: “No, 400 million. 15 years in the league.”

“Check this out. This is nothing [LeBron’s Nike contract]. Melo’s shoes are $400. Lonzo’s shoes are $500. If they sell a million shoes within a year or two, I’m giving them all the money. So that’s $4-500 million they’re gonna make right there … Lonzo, Gelo and Melo are going to be the first ball players to be billionaires playing ball.”

According to ‘The Richest’, LeBron James’ net worth is currently around $340 million, while LaVar’s is at around $4 million. The net worth of his richest son, Lakers rookie Lonzo, is estimated to be $6 million. So becoming billionaires is still somewhat unlikely, let alone passing LeBron James.

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