Drama Queen?! Franchises Are Concerned About Trading For Jimmy Butler

Photo Credit: Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

Drama Queen?! Franchises Are Concerned About Trading For Jimmy Butler


After all the shenanigans with Jimmy Butler surprisingly showing up to Minnesota Timberwolves practice, taking out his frustrations on his teammates, coaches and general manager Scott Layden, things have calmed down a little and Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor and Jimmy Butler came to an agreement that Taylor will continue to find a trade as soon as possible. Until that happens, Butler will be a good teammate and play as hard as he always does.

Then, this past Wednesday, it was reported that Butler wanted to sit out games until he’s traded. After not playing on Wednesday, he started again last night. It’s very confusing, and to be honest, quite the mess.

I fully understand if other teams are hesitant in trading for Butler. He has drama written all over him. The Heat’s trade package around Josh Richardson most likely would have been the best possible return for the Wolves. But they declined and apparently still are exploring options… only their asking price might be too high.

Many franchises apparently are worried about acquiring Butler, league executives told Sporting News:


“As good as Jimmy is, I think you have to be concerned about the impact he is going to have in the locker room, on your younger guys, on your coaching staff, all of that,” one general manager said. “He has gotten the benefit of the doubt, but if you look at his history, he’s had trouble getting along in Chicago and now in Minnesota. Everywhere he goes, it becomes about Jimmy, and if you’re going to bring him in, you have to account for that.”


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