LeBron James Responds To Isaiah Stewart’s ‘Wasn’t An Accident’ Comments

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LeBron James Responds To Isaiah Stewart’s ‘Wasn’t An Accident’ Comments


Yes, we’ve already talked plenty about the LeBron James, Isaiah Stewart altercation, and it’s also almost been a week.

But since Stewart addressed the situation one final time, the other day, saying he doesn’t think it was an accident after watching the video,


“I watched the film. Me personally, I didn’t feel like it was an accident, but it’s my last time addressing it. My main focus right now is on my team, my teammates, getting back to playing basketball.”


LeBron James had to respond. When asked by reporters, James reassured that he didn’t mean to hit Stewart in the face and that indeed was just an accident. 


“I don’t go into a game and make it an individual thing. I saw his comments today and he felt it was intentional or wasn’t an accident. The actual chop down was on purpose to get his arm off me, that part was on purpose, but the point of my hand hitting his face was not on purpose. You can literally go through numerous plays in the NBA where guys were chopping down on guys’ arms or hands trying to get them off of them. If you look at the play closely, he kind of got off balance when I chopped him down and that’s how his head went into my hand. So, it wasn’t intentional at all. I’ve never been that player, I’ve never ever tried to seek a face contact like that.”


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