Doris Burke’s Remark Leaves Gregg Popovich Stunned

Credit: NBA on ESPN / Screenshot

Doris Burke’s Remark Leaves Gregg Popovich Stunned


We all know the history most sideline reporters have with Gregg Popovich. When Popvich is questioned during in-game-between-qurter interviews, he always answers with very few words, seeming to be very annoyed. Things get worse when the Spurs are struggling.  He can even be hostile at times.

Last year, Doris Burke told the New York Magazine, that she will not continue to give Popovich a pass, like most other reporters do, for his rude interview responses:


I’ve been expressing my vulnerability because it’s the truth. I was literally on the verge of tears. And my take on that Popovich situation has changed. We all used to give him a pass because he would say to us privately, “Well, I just can’t help myself. I’m in the game, and this is my job.” But I don’t give him a pass anymore. It now frustrates me to the point where I want to say, “I’m not giving you a pass because I’ve seen you when Jeff Van Gundy walks over there, and the interaction is totally different.”


Fast forward to last night. The Golden State Warriors have a 17 point first quarter lead against the San Antonio Spurs, and Doris Burke once again has to interview a very frustraded coach Pop.

This time though, Burke flipped the script and was the one to end the interview early in true Gregg Popovich fashion, leaving the man himself stunned, possibly even impressed.


Burke: Difficult start. What did you see?

Popovich: Well, we didn’t score.

Burke: I think it’s in my best interest, Mike, to leave it at that.


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