Doris Burke Recorded Lines, But Got Cut From A Damian Lillard Track


I don’t blame Drake for crushing on Doris Burke. Burke is a great woman. She loves basketball, knows the sport and is also able to play – even while wearing heels.

Burke also is one of the best and most insightful commentators out there, and rightfully became the first woman in league history to call the Conference Finals.

Interestingly enough, Burke recently almost became a rapper. While calling Damian Lillard’s Milwaukee Bucks debut, Burke revealed that she recorded some lines for the rapping All-Star, but it didn’t make the song’s final cut.


“Do you know I once got cut from a Damian Lillard track, I kid you not— he had me record lines, I didn’t make it”



Man, now I really, really want to hear her part!

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