Reggie Miller’s Epic Story Of Michael Jordan Shutting Down His Trash Talking

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Reggie Miller’s Epic Story Of Michael Jordan Shutting Down His Trash Talking


Saying that Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller were friends who appreciated each other, would be a huge lie. The two were arch rivals during their active playing careers, and Miller revealed that if he saw Jordan today, he would punch him.

But like many other stars of the 90s, Miller’s career was overshadowed by Michael Jordan. Just like Gary Payton did the other day, Miller, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel in 2015, also revealed that he made the same mistake many players did before him and after – trash talk Michael Jordan.


“My rookie year, we were playing the Chicago Bulls in an exhibition game in some obscure place. Most veterans do not like to play in exhibition games, they want to get to the real thing. I’m a wide-eye, energetic rookie, and we’re playing this exhibition game and Michael’s going through the motions, and Chuck Person, who was on my team, who’s a trash-talker as well, was like ‘Can you believe Michael Jordan?!? The guy everyone’s talking about, who’s supposed to be able to walk on water. You’re killing him Reg…’ This is in the first half and he was like ‘You should be talking to him!’ I was like, ‘You know what, you’re right!’ ‘Michael, who do you think you are?! The great Michael Jordan?! That’s right, there’s a new kid in town.’ He kinda looks at me and starts shaking head.

So at half, I have 10, he has 4 points. I’m doing all this talking… end of the game, second half, he ended up with 44, and I ended up with 12. So he outscored me 40 to 2. And as he’s walking off, he’s like ‘Be sure, be careful you never talk to Black Jesus like that.'”


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