Dirk Nowitzki Now Officially Has A Street Named For Him In Front Of Mavs Arena

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Ron Jenkins

Dirk Nowitzki Now Officially Has A Street Named For Him In Front Of Mavs Arena


Dirk Nowitzki has had one of the best NBA careers in league history. He is an NBA champion, won the league’s MVP and the Finals MVP award. He was part of 13 All-Star teams and 12 All-NBA Teams and is one of the few members of the 50-40-90 club. Nowitzki is ranked 6th in all-time-scoring, 7th in all-time defensive-rebounds and 2nd in all-time NBA Finals free throw percentage.

And, most importantly, Dirk Nowitzki holds the league record for most seasons played with one team.

Whenever Dirk was a free agent, he was wating for free agency to be almost over, in order to set his salary accordingly. He sacrificed a lot of money, simply because he wanted to play with a competitive roster. 2006’s most valuable player was basically paying other players’ salaries (Parsons, Chandler etc…) out of his own pocket.

This is why Dirk is a hero in the city of Dallas. It is and will forever remain his town.

Nowitzki now has a street named for him in front of the Mavericks’ American Airlines Arena.

Yesterday, without a single objection, the Dallas city council approved renaming a part of Olive Street, to Nowitzki Way.

Dallas major Eric Johnson said:


“He is one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet, a real humanitarian and a great citizen. I am honored my first major street renaming will be for him.”


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