Did Lonzo Ball Accidentally Admit That He Worked Out For The Lakers While On ‘Codeine’?!

Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.

Did Lonzo Ball Accidentally Admit That He Worked Out For The Lakers While On ‘Codeine’?!


That (then) UCLA star Lonzo Ball will become a Laker had basically become a certainty, once the Lakers received the No. 2 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Lonzo’s father LaVar then said that his son will only work out for the Los Angeles Lakers before the NBA Draft, and he wasn’t joking, as we learned when Danny Ainge revealed that the Celtics were trying to get Lonzo in for a workout, but had their request get declined.

Two years later, we know that everything came as expected. Lonzo became a Laker and was widely expected to be the franchise’s savior. A local hero superstar. Only it came differently and, after two injury plagued seasons, Lonzo now gets a fresh start with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Turns out that only working out for the Lakers back then was riskier than everyone thought. On the most recent episode of the ‘LightHearted Podcast’, Ball revealed that he had the worst workout in history of No 2 Draft picks. According to himself, he looked terribly out of shape, but he would thankfully nail his 2nd workout. Why did he mess up his initial workout? Well, he was so sick, that he drank a whole bottle of cough syrup. Or was it codeine?!


“The workout with the Lakers was the worst workout I’ve ever had. Ever.

It has to be the worst workout for a number two pick. It has to. That’s how bad. It was terrible. They had to come to Chino to watch me work out again.

I was by myself. But I got sick, and I didn’t tell nobody. So, I had drank a whole bottle of codeine. I mean, not codeine, but cough syrup.

I couldn’t move. Ask B Shaw. B Shaw will tell you. He was like, “What the hell?” That was the first time I met B Shaw, and he was like, “I don’t think he it.” I could see it on his face. I would take two steps. I couldn’t dunk. They were like, “Get up.” I was like, “I can’t. I can’t dunk.”

I couldn’t move, bro. I’m like, “Damn.”

After the workout, I’m like, this ain’t – we’re going to have to do another one. We scheduled a second workout, and it was all good from there. But that first one, man. If those tapes ever get released, it’s bad. It’s real bad.”


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