Detroit Pistons Tie NBA Record For Longest Losing Streak In A Single Season


The Detroit Pistons arrived to their game against the Brooklyn Nets with a 25-game losing streak in their name.

Almost expectedly, the Pistons lost again, setting an ignominious NBA negative record.

With their 26th consecutive loss, the tied the Philadelphia 76ers (2013-14) and Cleveland Cavaliers (in 2010-11), for the single season NBA record for the longest losing streak.


“Everybody wants to win, everybody hates losing, so it’s hard,” guard Cade Cunningham said. “We’ve got to be realistic as well. Can’t just keep saying the same things over and over, like we’ll get the next one. There has to be like a plan of action, so we’re just trying to figure that out.”


They also are on the verge of breaking the league record of 28 consecutive losses in the regular season, set by the 76ers in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons.

While head coach Monty Williams, took responsibility for the team’s performance before the game, the bigger issue lies with the Pistons’ roster, which has an average age of just under 25 years old, making them one of the youngest teams in the league.

The Pistons struggle with excessive fouls, leading the league with an average of 22.8 fouls per game. Additionally, they have a high turnover rate, ranking 29th with an average of 16.6 turnovers per game. These mistakes have proven difficult for the team to overcome. 

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