Dennis Smith Jr. Thought Dirk’s Name Was “Dirt” Nowitzki

Photo Credit: Glenn James/Getty Images

Dennis Smith Jr. Thought Dirk’s Name Was “Dirt” Nowitzki 


Dallas Mavericks rookie point guard Dennis Smith Jr. has been one of the most impressive rookies this season. Smith is averaging 14.6 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game and should easily make the NBA’s All Rookie Team.

Fans already love him because he is very exciting to watch; DSJ is a high flyer. He may have struggled with his efficiency, but he is getting more confident from deep and is trending up. DSJ also has the privilege to learn from one of the best players to ever play the game, Dirk Nowitzki. In this last stretch of his career, Dirk still is the vocal leader of the team and helps coaching the young guys on the roster.

When Nowitzki played his first NBA game in 1998, Smith was one year old.  This means it wasn’t until Dirk hit his prime, that Smith even knew about who Nowitzki was. Smith now talked about the first time he knew of Dirk Nowitzki, back when he and Steve Nash were one of the deadliest duos in the league, and how he was confused, thinking Nowitzki’s name was ‘Dirt’.


“Earliest memory of Dirk, is probably a year he was playing with Steve Nash. I kept hearing [about] somebody named Dirt – like with a T. So, I’m like, ‘Why is a dude named Dirt in the league?’ … Then I found out he was actually pretty good, so I started watching him.”

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