DeMar DeRozan Shares Honest Statement About His NBA Future


As the NBA Playoffs begin, the future of Chicago Bulls’ star DeMar DeRozan hangs in the balance. In a recent media session, DeRozan gave a cryptic update that has left fans and analysts speculating about his next move. With his three-year, $82 million contract set to expire, DeRozan stands at a crossroads of his illustrious career.

At nearly 35 years old, DeRozan is no stranger to the relentless march of time.


“The next time I play a game will be my 16th season. You realize the window closes for you personally. I ain’t trying to play 25 years,” he expressed, hinting at the finite nature of an athlete’s prime.



His words resonate with a sense of urgency, a desire to seize the fleeting opportunities that remain. DeRozan’s tenure with the Bulls has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Despite forming a formidable core with Zach LaVine, Nikola Vucevic, and Lonzo Ball, the team’s success was short-lived due to injuries and inconsistent performances. The Bulls’ stagnation has been evident, culminating in a lackluster play-in tournament appearance, ranked 19th in offense.

The Bulls’ decision to remain stagnant at the trade deadline, opting to “run it back” with their core, has been met with criticism. The team’s patience seems to have worn thin, and DeRozan’s update suggests he too is feeling the weight of unmet expectations. “My stance on wanting to be here is still the same but I just want to win,” DeRozan stated, reflecting his commitment to success over comfort.

As DeRozan approaches free agency, the question looms: where will he go? His desire to win is palpable, and it’s clear that if the Bulls cannot present a path to championship contention, DeRozan may seek greener pastures. The Bulls, meanwhile, face the daunting task of proving their worth to their star player or risk losing him to a more promising contender.


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