D’Angelo Russell Maintains Optimism After Lackluster Game 1 Performance: “I Know What I’m Capable Of”


The Los Angeles Lakers faced a tough challenge on Saturday, taking on the defending champion Denver Nuggets for the second consecutive playoffs. Despite leading 60-57 at halftime, the Lakers faltered in the second half, allowing the Nuggets to pull away and secure a 1-0 series lead.

Discussions and hot takes inevitably follow the Lakers’ performance, with D’Angelo Russell drawing particular criticism. After a lackluster performance in last year’s playoffs against the Nuggets, a strong regular season had many fans hoping Russell would redeem himself. However, Game 1 fell short of expectations, as Russell only managed 13 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists on 30.0% shooting from the field.

Despite fan frustration after the loss, Russell remains optimistic about his performance. He believes he had great scoring opportunities despite his shooting struggles and maintains confidence in his capabilities.


“Great looks. I can’t be mad. I don’t recall the last time I got twenty shots. So for me to get twenty good looks — not twenty ‘good,’ probably five or six of them were questionable. I know what I’m capable of. Honestly, I’m excited. I’m excited about that.”


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