Dear Craig Sager – A Letter To Craig Sager



Dear Craig Sager – A Letter To Craig Sager

Dear Craig Sager,

I write this letter to you with a heavy heart. I know you have left us, but I had to address the lasting impact you left on myself, and the entire basketball world.

I could only write this letter now and I was overcome with emotions. Every time I tried to begin, I would break down, but I have eventually picked myself up to a place where I can say thank you, and tell you how I feel.

What you did for people goes way beyond the basketball court or the basketball community. Anyone who was in contact with you always said what an incredible person you were, how you instantly seemed like a friend they’ve had for years. Not many people can have that impression on someone, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that could do that to people.

The courage and strength you showed through your battle was both heart-breaking and inspiring for everyone who took those steps with you along the way. It was our fight as well, and there wasn’t one person who wasn’t praying and wishing you would get through it.

The stories we used to hear, how after hours of chemo therapy you still wanted to cover the game, travel from state to state, and have dinner with your colleagues. I’m not sure I’ll ever be as heroic as you were, or even aspire to that level.

The outpour and pure love you have received since the announcement has been truly outstanding and fitting. From tears initially, people have celebrated your life just like you celebrated every single day.

I’ll never forget the recent ESPY awards, when you took to that stage and delivered one of the most moving speeches I’ve ever heard. Hearing you speak and seeing your family literally left me sobbing on my couch, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

You were the definition of inspiration, and your family were some of the strongest people I’ve ever seen. They deserve all the good things in life, and they can find closure in knowing their father and husband lived a great and fulfilling life.

There is so much I can say, but it’s all very emotional. Sometimes I thought my life was tough, then I’d hear another one of your stories, or read the hastag #SagerStrong and felt stupid for thinking my problems were actually a big deal. I found solace in your struggle, and I can’t thank you enough for everything you gave to us.

I don’t really know how the NBA will go one without you there, but I know you’re looking down on us hoping it will go on as beautifully as it did when you were on the sidelines.

The reality is, we lost one of the most important and brilliant people the association has ever seen, and it will never quite be the same. Your legacy will last forever.

I’ll never look at a funny suit or watch an interview the same way ever again.

Rest easy my friend.

“Time is simply how you live your life”

Gone but never forgotten.

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