Ty Lawson Must Turn His Life Around Before it Slips Away

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Ty Lawson Must Turn His Life Around Before it Slips Away


Ty Lawson currently plays behind Darren Collison as the Sacramento Kings’ backup point guard. If I told you a few years ago Lawson’s career would slip at the age of 29, you’d think I’m crazy.

Lawson was once the man in Denver—he led the Nuggets to a 57-25 record in 2012-13 and was putting up All-Star-like numbers on a nightly basis. From 2011-2015, Lawson averaged more than 15.0 points per game and was considered a top point guard in the Western Conference. Then, off-the-court issues involving the law tackled his impressive career to an all-time low.

To call Lawson an alcoholic is a bit harsh, but his multiple DUI’s (driving under the influence) and run ins with police make his great play fade from the minds of fans. His first DUI came in 2008 and has had many since. There is currently a bench warrant issued or LAwson’s arrest for a violation of probation stemming from his 2016 DUI conviction, according to The Denver Post.

According to Denver court records, Lawson tested positive for alcohol three times over the past year and failed to complete all 48 hours of his community service. He was also required to put in 52 hours of therapy for his drinking problem.

According to Sports Illustrated sports law expert Michael McCann, Ty Lawson may serve jail time.


“The situation remains serious, however, as Sports Illustrated sports law expert Michael McCann notes that Lawson could serve jail time, based on the decision of the judge in the hearing:

On March 22 in court, Lawson will need to “show cause” that his probation should not be revoked. If he fails to do so, Judge Fay could rule that Lawson must serve time — most likely a matter of days — in jail. A show cause hearing normally occurs when a probation officer informs the sentencing judge that a defendant who is on probation has violated the conditions of his or her probation. In order to show cause, Lawson must either refute the probation officer’s allegations or admit that the probation officer is correct, but then plead with Judge Fay to give him another chance. Lawson would be more persuasive if he establishes there were mitigating circumstances that might have contributed to any probation violations. For instance, Lawson might claim that he suffered from a medical condition or stress from a family member’s illness. Even then, Judge Fay would be poised to reject any excuses and remind Lawson of her warning to him last March.”

via Ty Lawson’s Court Date Could End His NBA Career | SI.com


Ty Lawson is nowhere near the player he once was. At 29-years-old, he should already have been in his prime and fulfilling his dream of becoming an All-Star. After his time with the Denver Nuggets, Lawson wound up bouncing from the Houston Rockets to the Indiana Pacers, and now playing in Sacramento with the Kings.

Ty Lawson must clean up his act to revive his basketball career and life. We have seen other NBA players’ careers brought down by alcohol and drugs in the past, let’s hope Lawson is not next.

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