Davion Mitchell Hasn’t Lost A Basketball Game In Over 7 Months

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Davion Mitchell Hasn’t Lost A Basketball Game In Over 7 Months


In this year’s NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings drafted Davion Mitchell with their No. 9 pick.

Mitchell helped the Kings win the Summer League Championship, while being named NBA Summer League MVP along with Cameron Thomas and was selected to the Summer League First Team.

But his impressive first offseason doesn’t stop there. Mitchell has been on some Mamba Mentality grind and basically hasn’t left the gym ever since joining the Kings. In fact, the rookie was training so much that the team had started to limit his workout time.

Mitchell has had an incredible year so far and his record is proof enough that he’s on the court to win. Redditor StilIDreamin now looked back at Davion’s past seven months and found out that he hasn’t lost a game of basketball since March 12.

During March Madness, Mitchell and Baylor went 6-0 to win the NCAA National Championship. Then, since getting drafted to the NBA, Mitchell and the Kings went on to win the Summer League Championship with a 5-0 record, with Mitchell even winning Summer League MVP honors. Now, so far during the NBA preseason, the Kings are 3-0.

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