Danny Green Will Receive His 2020 Lakers Championship Ring Before He’ll Receive His 2019 Raptors One

Photo Credit: Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Danny Green Will Receive His 2020 Lakers Championship Ring Before He’ll Receive His 2019 Raptors One


When the Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship this past Sunday, Danny Green became a three time Champion, and only one of four players in NBA history to win titles with three different teams.

But interestingly enough, Green only has one ring so far, and he will receive his Lakers championship ring, before he’ll receive his Raptors ring from 2019.

While Green was a key figure in the Raptors’ Championship run, he still hasn’t received his championship ring. He was supposed to get his ring on March 24, when the Lakers were scheduled to visit Toronto, but due to the suspension of the season, that obviously didn’t happen.

With the league in hiatus, the Raptors offered to send it to Green, but he politely declined, as he wants to be in Toronto with the fans and teammates when he receives it.

Per TSN:


“The plan was to present Danny Green with his ring in a pre-game ceremony when the Lakers came to town on Mar. 24 – it’s a date he had been looking forward to since the schedule was released. However, with the season on hold since Mar. 11 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that game was never played, making Green the only player who hasn’t received his ring.

The Raptors offered to send it to L.A., but Green politely declined. It’s also possible that the two teams meet in a neutral location, if the season resumes in Orlando next month, as planned. But Green’s preference is to hold off until he can receive it in front of the Toronto fans at Scotiabank Arena. He may have to wait a while.

Green: “If I win this year, I might get that ring before I get the Raptors ring.”


So assuming he doesn’t get traded in this year’s offseason, and the league will be back to playing in the teams’ arenas, he’ll receive his 2020 NBA championship ring on opening night in Los Angeles, and his 2019 championship ring later that season when the Lakers visit Toronto.

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