Damian Lillard Reveals That Life In Milwaukee Is ‘Lonely’: “I Don’t Have Much Of A Life”


The Milwaukee Bucks made a huge splash in the offseason, acquiring one of the best point guards in the league, Damian Lillard, in a blockbuster three-team trade. Lillard, who spent 11 seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers, joined forces with two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, forming a formidable duo that was supposed to take the Bucks to the next level.

On paper, Lillard and Antetokounmpo complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, creating a balanced and dynamic offense. Lillard provides the perimeter shooting and spacing that Antetokounmpo needs to operate in the paint. Antetokounmpo provides the interior presence and rim protection that Lillard needs to thrive on the outside. They also share a similar work ethic, leadership, and passion for the game.

The duo has shown flashes of greatness in their first season together, leading the Bucks to a 38-21 record, third in the Eastern Conference. They have also developed a strong chemistry and friendship, as they have expressed their admiration and respect for each other on and off the court. Lillard has called Antetokounmpo “the best player in the world” and said he is “his biggest fan”. Antetokounmpo has said Lillard is “a killer” and “a legend” and said he is “his team”.

However, the duo has also faced some challenges and growing pains, as they have had to adjust to a new system, new teammates, and a new coach.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Lillard also admitted that he has been “lonely” in Milwaukee, as he has left behind his family and friends in Portland, and that his life is pretty repetitive and uneventful:


“It’s definitely lonely because I’m such a family guy. My life is my family. After games, I would come out and my whole family would be back there. My kids coming out of the playroom. My mom, my brother, my cousins lived there, you know what I mean? My best friends live in Portland. So I would come out, we would go to dinner. They might come to my house. After practice, I might go to my mom’s house and just chill. That’s how my life was. So, I mean, I’m fine because I’m grown. But it’s definitely lonely. I’m filled up by those people….

…Bro, go to practice, go home, watch boxing, play video games. Man, I type in [boxing website] FightHype on YouTube 100 times and be praying for something new to be on there. Seriously, I don’t have much of a life. But that’s what comes with making a big boy decision. You got to be down for that and figure it out.”


Despite these difficulties, the duo remains optimistic and confident that they can overcome them and achieve their ultimate goal: winning a championship. They have said that they are “still a work in progress” and that they have “a lot of room to grow”. They have also said that they are “excited” and “grateful” for the opportunity to play with each other and that they are “ready” for the challenge.

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