Could Golden State Snag LeBron James? Bill Simmons Floats Wild Lakers-Warriors Trade


Trade season buzz surrounds some teams more than others, with the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors being two such teams that attract extra attention.

The Lakers, after beefing up their roster and prioritizing continuity following a Western Conference Finals appearance, haven’t lived up to expectations. At this stage of the season, they’re barely in the playoff picture, currently holding the 9th seed with a 27-25 record.

Similarly, the Warriors haven’t lived up to their championship pedigree. Key players like Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins have seen performance declines, compounded by Draymond Green’s suspensions and Chris Paul’s injury.

Amid the noise surrounding both teams, renowned NBA analyst Bill Simmons has an idea that might help both teams. He suggests sending LeBron James to the Warriors for Klay Thompson and Jonathan Kuminga, albeit he is skeptical about its possibility.


“There’s a trade I really love, and it won’t happen,” Simmons said. “But the most fun trade for basketball is if he gets traded to the Warriors, and it’s Kuminga and Klay and maybe some pick swap down the road. And it’s just, ‘We’ll take LeBron for three months, and then he can declare for free agency.’ Klay gets to go back to the Lakers — his dad played there. And the Lakers get Kuminga out of it.”


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