Coach K: “Zion Never Should Have Played [In Summer League]”

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Coach K: “Zion Never Should Have Played [In Summer League]”


Zion Williamson’s long awaited Summer League debut only lasted for a couple of minutes, before he went down with an injury that should keep him out for the reminder of Summer League.


Zion Williamson's NBA Debut With LeBron James Watching!

Zion Williamson' NBA debut with LeBron James watching! Zion was the reason for some earthquakes in L.A. He only played the first half, but showed the world what will be in store for us this season.He also showed that he needs to majorly improve his jumpshot…

Gepostet von Lenny Carlos am Samstag, 6. Juli 2019


After the game, a lot of NBA fans started to make fun of Williamson, who really looked out of shape. He definitely wasn’t at his best physical shape and the injury may only be the pretextual reason for his Summer League out.

According to Williamson’s former coach, Mike Krzyzewski, Zion shouldn’t have been on the floor at all. Coach K said that he felt Williamson wasn’t ready to play physically or mentally.

Per Forbes:


“No, I thought really he never should’ve played just because he’s been on this circuit of awards, the ESPYs, everything. I don’t think he’s in the playing shape or the mental shape to play.”


Zion now has a couple of months to settle in and to hit the gym, before the start of the 2019/20 NBA season. Let’s hope he is in better shape then…

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