Clippers Coach Doc Rivers Went Off On Reporter

Photo Credit: Michael Nelson/EPA

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers Went Off On Reporter


Same sh*t, different year – that’s probably what all the Clippers fans thought last night after the Clippers’ playoff loss against the Gobert-less Utah Jazz.

No matter how good the team has played before the playoffs start, it’s almost a guarantee that the Clippers will start to choke at some point during the playoffs. Clippers coach Doc Rivers was mad after the game, that feeling was also transported to the post-game press-conference.

After Bleacher Report writer Eric Pincus asked Rivers if he considered running the clock down in order to take the final shot, being down two points with 18 seconds left, but Doc wasn’t having any of that question and went off on the reporter.


“Who would do that? Like, why would you ever do that? If you miss, the game’s over? That makes no sense. No, no, that is like the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Now, when you’re down two, you try to score. You don’t wait. No. You score. If you can score in one second, you score. If you can find another coach to tell you different, I want to meet him”


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