Chris Paul Buys Huge ( 9 Bedrooms, 14 Bathrooms) Texas Mansion

Photo Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Paul Buys Huge ( 9 Bedrooms, 14 Bathrooms) Texas Mansion


Everything’s bigger in Texas, I guess it is true. At least when we’re talking about Chris Paul’s most recent purchase.

The All-Star point guard spent a fair amount of his salary for a new home in Spring, Texas. The mansion was listed for $8 million and includes an insane 9 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms (who on earth would need 14 bathrooms?!), a six-car garage and a golf course.

More importantly, this purchase could lead to the assumption that Paul wants to be part of the Rockets for more than just this season. This also could intensify the rumors about LeBron James possibly joining the team. On top of resigning Paul, the Rockets believe they can add the biggest star in the league, LeBron James, who could become a free agent in the offseason. We know that Chris Paul and LeBron James are very close friends. But in order to make this big three (probably the best big 3 in the league) possible, both Paul and James would have to give up a lot of money.

But in order to save money, the James family could easily move in with the Pauls, then 14 bathrooms would be a little bit more justified.


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