Draymond Green Explains Altercation With Memphis Grizzlies: “I Got Grabbed”


Draymond Green, known for his aggressive play, frequently gets tangled up in on-court altercations. This season alone, technical fouls, ejections, and even suspensions haven’t deterred him. He recently found himself in another scuffle, this time with Memphis Grizzlies’ Santi Aldama and Desmond Bane.

A heated exchange between Green and Aldama under the basket ignited a confrontation. Since the referees let the play continue, Grizzlies coach Jenkins went on to confront the referee. However, Green waded in, eventually sparking a heated shoving match with Bane. The resulting chaos caused Green to bump into Jenkins, sending the coach tumbling to the floor.



Following this latest controversy, the Golden State Warriors veteran explains what sparked the scuffle with the Grizzlies.


“I got grabbed and snatched my arm away and got a tech … it kind of woke our team up. We got going from there and never looked back, so shout out to them. Maybe they were trying to get me thrown out, but it worked against them.”


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