Chris Bosh Still Eying NBA Return

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Bosh Still Eying NBA Return


Chris Bosh made his debut on TNT this past Monday. The eleven time All Star whose NBA career is currently on hold due to continued blood clotting let the world know, that he still is working out for a possible comeback.


“My health is great, I’m feeling good, still working out and just really still staying ready.”


In the past, players have played through injuries, on heavy medication and basically had no business on the floor. This is obviously different to the Bosh situation, but nevertheless, the later lives of those players were significantly hindered due to the poor decisions they made at the time. It’s hard to say no to the game you love, but it’s even harder walking around with a limp your whole life, or unable to play outside with your children once you have retired, or even worse, die early.

In truth, no amount of money or no supremely significant game should ever come in the way of a player’s health moving forward.


“I think one of the interesting things that I didn’t anticipate was my mental health, and that’s something that as athletes we have to take into regard because we’re used to a set schedule and we’re used to a certain type of world. And that’s something that I’ve really had to work on for my well-being.”


Bosh said Monday night on TNT.

While the two time champion will continue as an analyst for Turner for the next four Mondays, we hope that he will think about a possible return very cautiously. This is no straightforward situation. Bosh had a blood clot in his lungs and these clots as well as blood thinning treatment can cause heart damages and internal bleedings. Something as small as elbow to a particular area could trigger this to happen, the margin for error is that close.


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