DeMar DeRozan Believes Pascal Siakam Could Pass Kyle Lowry As The Greatest Player in Raptors History

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DeMar DeRozan Believes Pascal Siakam Could Pass Kyle Lowry As The Greatest Player in Raptors History


DeMar DeRozan spent 9 seasons playing with the Toronto Raptors where he created a name for himself and became a four time All-Star. He ended his Raptors career as the franchise record holder for games and minutes played, points scored and free throws made. Although his career achievements with the Raptors may tell a story of how good and dedicated he has been with the team, DeMar remains humble and appreciative with his former teammates. 

While DeRozan thinks that his best friend, Kyle Lowry is the greatest Raptor of all-time, he also believes that his former teammate Pascal Siakam has the potential to pass Lowry when it’s all said and done. In an Instagram live with Siakam, DeMar is seen pouring out compliments to his former teammate.


“You got the full blueprint, bro, to even pass [Kyle Lowry as the greatest player in Raptors history],” DeRozan told Pascal Siakam, “You got the blueprint, you done seen it all.”


DeRozan also recalled a story of Siakam stepping up to play when Jared Sullinger was hurt, while continuing his praises.


“[Jared Sullinger] was hurt and you started and we hooped,” DeRozan recalled. “I’ll be telling everybody, …[because] people forget, ‘Pascal played with us, then [he] would go play in the G League, hoop, then come back and play with us …so you was always consistently hooping.

“Then, to see how much we was hooping [at the NBA level], how serious we took it …that’s the ultimate cheat code you had. You had the ultimate cheat code, to see everything. It’s crazy, bro.”


It’s not only DeMar who had high praise for his former teammate but also Pascal Siakam himself. 


“First of all, y’all put everything out [for us], everything y’all did for Toronto, and then [Lowry] winning a championship,” Siakam added. “We know what to do now. I saw y’all doing it.”



It’s been two years since DeMar has last played for the Raptors. Still, Deebo has remained in touch with the Raptors and still speaks highly of the franchise and its players.

Pascal Siakam has emerged as one of the top young players in the league. He has played just 4 seasons, yet he already got a championship, an All-Star appearance, and a Most Improved Player award in his bag.

Despite losing Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green prior to the season, the Raptors have so far maintained a top 2 spot in the East with Siakam filling up a bigger role for the team. This year, Pascal is averaging 23.6 points, 7.5 rebounds and 3.6 assists on 45.9% FG while helping the team bag another 50-win season.

Given the direction Siakam is heading towards, we could safely assume DeMar was right with his observation about the emerging Raptors player. 

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