Charles Barkley’s Billion Dollar Bet With Shaquille O’Neal Didn’t Go As Planned

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan, USA TODAY Sports


NBA Hall of Famer and current TV analyst Charles Barkley not only is notorious for his critical comments and provocative opinions, drawing the ire of many personalities around the NBA, but also for constantly being wrong with his predictions.

Yesterday, before the start of the Eastern Conference Play-In game between the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks, Charles Barkley proved just that once again, when he bet $1,000,000,000 against the Hawks in their Play-In Game against the Heat.


Charles Barkley: “They [Miami] ‘gon beat the Hawks tonight. The Hawks stink.”

Shaquille O’Neal: “Bet it?”

Charles Barkley: “Bet it… whatever you want to. A billion dollars…”


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