Channing Frye Says Lakers Have No Answer For Damian Lillard And CJ McCollum

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Channing Frye Says Lakers Have No Answer For Damian Lillard And CJ McCollum


Channing Frye, who was a former teammate of Lakers superstar LeBron James, came up with a bold take during an episode of ‘NBA Hang Time’. Frye seemingly bet against his former teammate when making his prediction about their potential first-round matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers.

During the episode, the retired NBA forward believes losing Rajon Rondo is a huge blow for the Lakers, to such extent that the Lakers will have no answer for the backcourt duo of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.


“Rondo going down is huge for the Lakers, because playoff Rondo, and everyone says it, and I’ve seen it, is a absolute different beast,” Frye said on the NBA Hang Time podcast(h/t ClevelandNation). “I don’t care if anybody agrees or not. I’m telling you this. Playoff Rondo would have been difficult for Damian Lillard or CJ (C.J. McCollum).

“Whichever one he’s guarding. But now that he’s not playing, that’s a tough first-round matchup for the Los Angeles Lakers to go against a physical, battle-tested team. Where, yes, LeBron [James], is the best player on the court and then AD (Anthony Davis). But then on the other side, the Lakers have no answer for CJ and Dame. So, I’m taking my chances.”



While playoff Rondo could have been an absolute x-factor for the Lakers, the team still has a bunch of talented and lengthy perimeter players to compensate for the loss of their veteran point guard in a limited time.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has been a solid two-way player for the Lakers, Danny Green is an experienced playoff performer who supplies the team with 3-point shooting and defense, and Alex Caruso, who consistently outplayed Rondo earlier this season, has had an impactful NBA season.

None of these players are the same caliber as Rondo in the playoffs, and it’s never a good idea to sleep on Rondo’s ability to level up his game. However, hinging the Lakers’ title hopes on one rotational player might be a little too absurd, especially against a potential eight-seeded team.

Channing Frye does have a point about Portland’s backcourt, given that Lillard and McCollum could get the best out of the Lakers’ perimeter players. But on the flipside – do the Portland Trail Blazers have an answer for LeBron James and Anthony Davis?

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