Cedric Maxwell Thinks LeBron James Is The GOAT Because Of Activism, Criticizes Jordan For Wrong Priorities


Cedric Maxwell Thinks LeBron James Is The GOAT Because Of Activism, Criticizes Jordan For Wrong Priorities


‘The Last Dance’ documentary has re-ignited the Greatest Player of All-Time debate and has swung the majority towards choosing Michael Jordan over LeBron James as the GOAT. But a few people appear to have a change of perspective concerning the debate, following the killing of George Floyd and the related protests to end racism.

Fans usually disregard a players’ political and societal viewpoints in basketball discussions. But for former Boston Celtics player Cedric Maxwell, these off-court matters seem to hold weight. This is part of the reason why he claimed that James is the GOAT during an appearance on ‘NBC Sports Boston’s Arbella’s Early Edition’.


“LeBron James is the GOAT now,” NBA legend said. “He’s the GOAT because, not only on the basketball side, but social issues: He’s been involved in every social issue that we look at.” 

“When somebody says, ‘Shut up and dribble’ — LeBron James has put his money where his mouth is, and that to me resonates. That’s why I think more of our players and more NBA people need to step up and find that same courage,” Maxwell added.


In the wake of the death of George Floyd, countless of athletes have raised their voice to bring awareness and push for change. As usual, James has been one of the most outspoken athletes towards the issue. Jordan also didn’t stay silent this time and has released a statement mourning the death of the Minneapolis resident.

Still, Maxwell didn’t miss the opportunity to blast the Chicago Bulls legend for his history of not speaking up and criticized him for prioritizing brand building.


“During this pandemic, Georgia opened up, and there was a shoe store that dropped Jordan’s shoes during that time,” Maxwell furthered. “And it showed all these kids with no masks on (trying to buy Jordan’s shoes). Did Nike need that kind of publicity? Did Jordan need that kind of publicity?”



The retired Celtics player wasn’t the only one with high regard to the Los Angeles Lakers superstar because of his stance on societal issues, Stephen Jackson recently came up and said James is the greatest athlete ever because of his evident activism that goes beyond basketball. 

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