The Cavs Made Jose Calderon Pay For Dinner, Thinking He Was A Billionaire

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The Cavs Made Jose Calderon Pay For Dinner, Thinking He Was A Billionaire


In March 2017, Jose Calderon signed with the Golden State Warriors. But, Warriors star Kevin Durant got injured the day before and Golden State already knew that the injury will force their star to sit out a minimum of four weeks. The Warriors also knew that they wanted to sign Matt Barnes as the player to fill the gap Durant was leaving behind. Instead of just not signing Calderon and saying: “Sorry, that’s some bad luck and timing”, the Warriors signed Calderon nontheless and waived him again two hours later.

Not only was this a nice gesture, it also meant that Claderon got paid. His two hour stint with the Warriors earned him $415,000 (the amount of money he was set to make for the rest of the season). Not too bad of a salary. That’s $207,500 per hour.

Who would’ve thought that $207,500 per hour wasn’t anything special for the Spaniard? According to Google, he’s a billionaire.

Due to a funny glitch, Calderon’s net worth is listed at $2.2 billion.



This glitch was because of Calderon’s namsake, who is a co-founder of FEMSa and an actual billionaire. But Calderon’s Cavs teammates were convinced that Calderon was a billionaire playing in the NBA as a hobby. According to ESPN, Calderon often had to pay the he check at team dinners, due to him being a billionaire. LeBron James said:


“It’s an ongoing joke with our team. We don’t know if it’s a joke or not, though. Channing (Frye) made him pay for a dinner. The check came and he said, ‘Give it to the billionaire.’ So, yeah. We know about it.”


In the meantime, Calderon, possibly tired of paying for everyone’s dinner, has confirmed that he actually isn’t a billionaire:


“I don’t have family in Mexico. Nothing. I’m just from Spain. It’s a totally different guy. But the weird part is like, everything else is true. It’s got my wife’s name. I got three boys. I’ve played here and there. So, everything they talk about is true, but the wealth? No. No. Not true.”


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