Carmelo’s “People of Utah” Commercial


Carmelo’s “People of Utah” Commercial


During the 2010 first round playoff series between the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz, a strange commercial aired on ESPN. The commercial, featuring seagulls and a picturesque landscape, worshipped Carmelo Anthony. Was Carmelo’s head representative of a rising sun?

The commercial masterfully says: “Every millennia or so a person comes along with the power to unite the world. This year, that person is Carmelo Anthony. His dominant game this season is a testament to human potential.Gongfu Tea Cup
while he’s gotten himself here, he can’t do it alone, or maybe he can, but he’ll also have us, Melo’s people of Utah. We’re proud to support this soon-to-be champion. Carmelo Anthony, the common denominator of our hearts.” – Supported by The Fans of Carmelo Anthony in Utah.

Meanwhile, Jazz fans were sitting in front of their TV like…



Carmelo was already a villainous division rival to Jazz fans. Kobe Bryant had been Public Enemy #1 in Salt Lake City for quite some time, but this Carmelo commercial gave Kobe a run for his money. Some rich Jazz fan was probably plotting to start a man hunt and offer a $50,000 reward for tips which led to the capture and imprisonment of the individual who paid money to air this commercial.


Turns out, this commercial was aired by Nike. The division of Nike which sells Carmelo gear (Jordan Brand), made a statement on this bizarre piece of TV history:

“The Melo’s People of America television campaign is intended to provide a voice for the countless thousands of Carmelo Anthony fans in America and millions around the world who look forward to seeing Melo dominate the postseason.”


Curiosity question for all those Carmelo fans who are anxious to see him dominate the playoffs: “How is that working out for you?”

Carmelo was traded to the New York Knicks the following season. Since then, Carmelo got bounced twice in the first round, lost a second round matchup to the Pacers, and now has missed the playoffs for the third straight season.

By the way, Utah won that playoff series, 4-2. Carmelo’s fans around the world didn’t get a playoff series victory that year, and they may never celebrate him winning a NBA Championship, but at least they got a nifty commercial to forever remember.


Watch the video here:



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