Damian Lillard Released A Perfect Diss Track On Marvin Bagely III

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Damian Lillard Released A Perfect Diss Track On Marvin Bagely III


Wow, that was quick! Gotta love the off-season.

Yesterday morning, Marvin Bagley III made an appearance on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ and declared that he was the best MC in the NBA.


Max Kellerman: Roy Jones, who was a colleague of mine at HBO Boxing, played me a clip of you freestyling in the hallway. And it has been my opinion since then that the best MC in the NBA is either you or Damian Lillard. But who is the best MC in the NBA?

Marvin Bagley III: Man, me. Me. Man, I love music. I love music. So, I’m gonna go with myself.

MK: Would you ever battle Damian Lillard?

MBIII: Yeah. For sure.



Damian Lillard obviously saw the video and accepted the challenge:



Bagley must have driven straight to the studio, because only hours after Lillard’s tweet, he dropped a diss track on Dame Dolla.



This led to Lillard instantly hitting the studio and coming back with straight fire. What a banger. 1:0 Dame Dolla


“That elaborated fabricated aint gonna equal up.”
“The things we do for the glitz and the glamourous, follow back on likes from your camera.”
“Never really competed but your boy is getting reckless.”


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