Bruce Brown Buys No. 11 Jersey Number From New Raptors Teammate Jontay Porter For $10K


When NBA players are traded and their jersey number is already occupied by another player on the new team, it is not uncommon for the jersey number to change hands for a certain amount of money. At least if the newcomer to the team has more experience in the league or is the better player.

This is exactly what happened at the Toronto Raptors after NBA champion Bruce Brown joined the team.

Brown paid $10,000 to fellow teammate Jontay Porter to acquire the No. 11 jersey number. Brown, who had worn No. 11 throughout his collegiate and professional career, was eager to reclaim his familiar jersey number upon joining the Raptors.

Porter, who had been sporting No. 11, was understanding of Brown’s request and agreed to sell the number for a nominal fee. Brown revealed that he reached out to his former Nuggets teammate Michael Porter Jr., Jontay Porter’s brother, to ask if Jontay would be willing to give up jersey number:


Brown: “I make enough to try to bribe him a little bit”

MPJ: “How much did it cost?”

Brown: “$10K”

MPJ: “I thought he was going to ask for more.”



Brown, a versatile and energetic defender, is expected to make a significant contribution to the Raptors’ rebuilding efforts. With his unwavering commitment to the team and his willingness to go the extra mile, Brown is likely to make a positive impact on the Raptors’ locker room and is poised for a successful stint in Toronto.

The $10,000 payment, while a significant sum for a jersey number, underscores the importance of personal branding and the value that players place on their jersey numbers. For Brown, No. 11 represents his identity as a player, and it is understandable that he would want to reclaim it upon joining a new team.

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