Brooklyn Man Charged In Jontay Porter NBA Betting Scheme


According to a report by Yahoo, a Brooklyn man has been arrested and charged in connection with an illegal sports betting scheme involving a former NBA player. The case, which has drawn attention to the darker side of sports betting, involves allegations of fraud and manipulation of game outcomes for financial gain.

Long Phi Pham, also known as “Bruce,” stands accused of conspiring with others to defraud a sports betting company by placing “under prop” bets on the performance of former NBA player, Jontay Porter, in games where the player’s participation was compromised due to purported health reasons. The scheme allegedly had a corrupting influence on two games and numerous bets, raising serious concerns about the integrity of the sport.

The NBA maintains a strict code of conduct for its players, which includes a prohibition on wagering in connection with NBA games. Despite this, it is alleged that the player involved had accumulated significant gambling debts and was coerced into participating in the scheme to clear those debts. Porter, who has since received a lifetime ban from the NBA, reportedly warned co-conspirators in a group chat of the potential legal repercussions, indicating they “might just get hit with a rico.”

The case underscores the ongoing battle against illegal betting and the importance of maintaining the integrity of professional sports. As the investigation continues, the sports community awaits further details on the extent of the scheme and the measures that will be taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

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